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"Limitations, I don't believe in them. The desert, its colors, textures and shapes strongly influence my works with clay. Hand crafted clay tiles echo Arizona landscapes. Vessels of clay, repeat the theme as wrapped around landscapes. Geological processes fascinate me and inspire rock like forms made into boxes with lizards and other reptiles dancing across the surface. Reptiles appear painted, sculpted or in relief on or in a wide variety of pieces: Large tile murals, jewelry, bowls, mugs, coffee table sculptures with water like pools of melted glass. Reptiles and impressions of fossils have taken on a life of their own in my studio. Sustainable environmentally sound clay and glaze recycling once just my standard frugal process is now my Environmental Soap Box. I'm even teaching low water low labor earth composting workshops for the desert"


Joy L. Holdread grew up in a small town in Western Arizona next to an Indian reservation. Much of her art is inspired from visual memories of this unspoiled area which she explored during long hikes with a border collie and a retired prospector.

Holdread received an A.F.A. degree from Arizona Western College, studied fine and commercial art at Pima Community College and the University of Arizona. Currently she lives in Tucson where her activities include coordinating art exhibits, teaching a business class for visual artists, workshops, and private consultations. Her public art includes eight Tucson area hand crafted clay tile murals as well as private mural installations.

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