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Joy's art

Joy's studio is at:

2627 N. Geronimo Ave .
( North of Grant, West of First Ave.)
(4th Ave. becomes Geronimo north of Grant)
TUCSON, AZ 85705-4724
(520) 628-8180
E-mail: mudnjoy@aol.com


The Greenest Potter You'll Ever Meet

As an environmental artist Joy Holdread...

Depicts environmental issues as the subject of her art

Recycles or reclaims clay, glazes and adds waste materials like shredded paper pulp, saw dust and coffee grounds to clay to create sculptural qualities not limited to texture.

Develops studio procedures that minimize or eliminates landfill waste or groundwater contamination

Uses reclaimed or recycled materials for equipment, workspaces,
raw materials, promotional supplies
Salvages building materials & supplies
Donates unused materials & tools

Encourages other artists & the general public to reduce, reuse, recycle & respect

Consults and assists people in careful resourceful landscaping or design options

Offers many varied workshops that encourage innovative reuse of everyday materials

Holdread Studio functional Pottery

Food SAFE – No Lead Glazes

Dishwasher, microwave, & oven safe  – with the exception of pieces incorporating gold leaf – Hand wash carefully objects with gold leaf.

Do not microwave gold leaf. 

Use slow temperature transitions with all pottery

Reclaimed Glazes: 

I reclaim glaze materials that otherwise are destined for the landfill, or to directly contaminate the water table.  It's
A HORROR and completely unnecessary.

All of my clay objects are made With recycled clay, and glazed with reclaimed glaze.

Wander about enjoying this landscape sculpted to harvest and store rainwater.   The dirt and fill used to direct water was previously destined for the landfill.  Enjoy transplanted plants saved from the bulldozer.  Relax on Patios developed with recycled bricks, rebuilt furniture and other resourceful solutions to fencing, privacy and beauty.  Why even some of the art is made of reclaimed found objects and all of the clay objects are made of reclaimed stoneware clay, the clay that dries out and other pottery don't reclaim.   Watch for loose rocks and cactus.

Joy L. Holdread

Desert Born 255-259

Joy L. Holdread, local clay artist since 1974, moved her studio into the Keeling neighborhood in 1983. She is known for her Reptile Rock Boxes and clay tile murals which include landscapes or geological/fossils imagery. Additionally she makes functional pottery, stoneware or porcelain jewelry.  Holdread opens her working art studio to the public for OPEN STUDIO TOURS or BY APPOINTMENT. Located at 2627 N. Geronimo, her studio includes sculpture gardens and numerous resourcefully furnished patio areas.
She is known for her years of work on behalf of ARTIST’S rights and environmentally sound studio procedures.  Her activities include coordinating art exhibits, teaching “THAT’S ART BIZ,” a business class for visual artists, facilitating workshops, and private consultations. Her public art includes eight Tucson area hand crafted clay tile murals as well as numerous private installations.

Joy L. Holdread
Tucson, AZ  
Phone:  520-628-8180  
Website: www.holdreadart.com  
E-mail: mudnjoy@aol.com  

ON THE WALL Artists' Ethics, Tile or Acrylic Landscapes, Geological Mirrors
Greek Columns with hidden compartment.

OFF THE WALL Reptile Rock Boxes (Lizard, Horn toad, Snake & Gila Monster)
Lizard or Landscape Mugs, Creamers & Sugar,
Vessels, Jewelry,
Garden Sculptures,
Luminarias, Candles, Miniature Lizard Pots

The Holdread Studio Grounds include water harvesting landscapes, pathways in desert areas,
several charming little patio areas made of recycled and natural material and two new
environmental reclaimed wood projects.
Relax, this is a great place to enjoy art, feel inspired and discuss art with interesting artists.

Bring friends !
Feel free to phone or e-mail for an appointment…
520-628-8180 * * * mudnjoy@aol.com

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Habitat for Humanity's Rain Barrel Auction

An Artist's Reception and Silent Auction was held Wednesday, April 20, 2011.
When bidding closed for the five (5) water-harvesting Rain Barrels,hand-painted
by local artists, Joy's barrel, "Stone Well," had the highest bid. Proceeds were used
to help with the construction of Habitat Tucson’s 2011 Faith in Action home.

Visit Habitat for Humanity – HabiStore at 935 W. Grant Rd.
(just 1/4 mile east of I-10), for your home improvement needs.
Support Habitat for Humanity.

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J O Y   L .   H O L D R E A D

Working studio near Grant/Stone, not a showroom or gallery
Please e-mail or phone for appointment and address. allow 24 hours for response.
520-881-8283 Land line, no texting ability.
520-628-8180 Cell, texting ability.