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E N V I R O N M E N T A L . P O T T E R . S E R I E S:







For a printable PDF file of all Joy's workshops, CLICK HERE
(3 pages, 172 kb)

Low Tech Clay Recycling
– 2 hours

Got Rocks or Mountains of Dried Clay?  Don't want to invest in a pug mill? Joy Holdread developed a simple low-tech, low energy method of recycling clay. Finish with clay at the exact softness you want.
No lumps, even porcelain surrenders to this process. The tools and equipment are simple and inexpensive to make .  WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!

I’ve developed/adapted methods to reclaim clay from every stage of dryness, using simple tools easily found in most clay studios. For each stage there are at least two methods...

“QUICK,” the method that is more labor intensive but provides workable clay fast, and...
“LOW LABOR,” the slower method, streamlined to produce clay with less work and back strain.

$15 Workshop fee includes 2 page typed handout describing both the low-stress, back-friendly method and the quick I-want-it-now, methods. Optional potluck, networking session follows. Can’t attend the workshop? (The 2-page typed handout alone is available for $4, see below).
Send check and SASE to: Holdread Studio Studio, 2627 N. Geronimo Ave.  Tucson, AZ 85705

By popular demand I've developed Low Tech Clay Recycling Notes.
Based on the workshop, the major focus is taking clay from rock hard to wedgeable
with minimal labor, simple equipment and NO LUMPS.
Send $6.00 (US) and a SASE (only one 45-cent stamp needed).
Mail to:
Holdread Studio
2627 N. Geronimo Ave.
Tucson, AZ. 85705 USA
Out of the US please include postage info required.
URL: holdreadart.com
E-mail: Mudnjoy@aol.com

“Tools from Trash”
– 3 hours

Making your own pottery tools and equipment – for clay artists as well as teachers  

Any clay artist can make tools from household and found objects, and build studio equipment and shelving from salvaged materials. I believe creative resourceful tool making and problem solving is an essential part of the creative process. You can, of course buy these tools but that’s expensive. Your objective is to be resourceful, find and/or make as many as possible. We will all be richer for the experience and you’ll have an assortment of tools to keep.

One of the difficulties teachers face is having enough basic tools for 30 students to use at the same time.
Joy L. Holdread developed a workshop for teachers and/or children that demonstrates and explains how to make several of the tools pottery student’s use. Not only are many of these tools scaled to fit smaller hands, but making their own tools encourages and develops resourceful thinking, self-reliance and problem solving skills. Additionally Holdread developed a list of resources for free or nearly free tools and equipment. Making use of easily available materials is not only an exercise in Resourceful Problem Solving – it’s a “green” solution.

Workshop basic price in Tucson, $75. Pima County $95.
Includes several sample materials, and hands-on time with clay. Allow 3 hours for workshop.

By popular demand I've developed "Tools from Trash" notes
and illustrations based on the workshop.
Send $6.50 American and a SASE (only one 41 cent stamp needed) to
Holdread Studio
2627 N. Geronimo Ave.
Tucson, AZ 85705 USA
Out of the US please include postage info required.
URL: holdreadart.com
E-mail: Mudnjoy@aol.com

Tiny Studio Spaces
– 1.5 hours

Coping with and using every square inch of a tiny studio spaces.  
Holdread is famous for making every square inch of her tiny studio work efficiently.
Take a tour, get inspired.

Glaze Material Reclamation
   1.5 hours

Reclaiming glaze materials decreases water pollution, saves on clean up, glaze mixing, and purchasing.

Click here to read my Essay about why and how we reclaim glaze materials.

Promoting Yourself Using Reclaimed Materials
    2 hours

Display equipment and graphic promotional items are easily made with old posters, flyers, paint and wire. Think creatively. Focus on reclaimed materials.

Promoting Yourself with Simple Graphics     2 hours

Mount and print your own show labels and product information, develop your artist’s and series statement. Focus on reclaimed paper.


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M O R E ..G R E E N ..W O R K S H O P S

Reclaiming Household and Office Paper – 2 hours
Americans use 85,000,000 tons of Paper every year. The average American uses 7 trees as paper products or 680 lbs of paper a year. You can cut your use in half by reusing paper creatively.
Learn colorful eye catching techniques to reuse paper: making postcards, greeting cards, stationery, envelopes, wrapping paper, flyers, posters, business cards, bookmarks, awards, and more. Teachers, business people, children, EVERYONE can save resources and money creatively. Treat your office to a creative GREEN workshop!

A Zillion Uses for Metal Clothes Hangers – 2 hours
Using a hammer, pliers and an anvil, make several styles of display hangers or stands, hooks, accessories, plant hangers and many more applications.

Useful Gifts Kids Can Make – Seven workshops Using Reclaimed Materials, each workshop 2–4 hours.

Environmental Christmas – 6 hours
Applies to any Holiday Celebration – make greeting cards, and several types of ornaments using or reusing natural and human made items.


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