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Tile landscape, Sunset South of Havasu

"Sunset South of Havasu," Earth Series #252, 36"L x 7"H, $350 SOLD

Tile landscape, Moon Over Double Mesa

"Moon Over Double Mesa," Earth Series #251, 37"L x 7.5"H, $350 SOLD

"Beyond Rio Colorado," Earth Series #255, 21"L x 8"H $190 SOLD

Handmade Landscape Tile

My hand-crafted tile landscapes are inspired by natural rock formations and actual mountain ranges in Arizona, California and New Mexico.

  • High fired stoneware

  • Weather resistant

  • Mounted, ready to hang on wall

  • Loose Tile can be installed to interior or exterior surfaces.

  • Glazed surface makes for easy graffiti removal.

Joy with her Tile Mural, The Earth, The Universe

Clay artist Joy L. Holdread outside her studio by her mosaic,
"The Earth, the Universe"

Tile Murals

I have comprehensive experience in the following areas:

  • Technical Advice and Consultation.

  • Designing, layout, materials use and selection, installation materials and procedures.

  • Technical Assistance-Hands on.

  • Complete and total management for all aspects of design, production and installation of public or private tile mural projects (interior and exterior).

Creamer set

Creamer, slotted sugarbowl, mug

Handmade Functional Stoneware Pottery

  • All functional pottery is made of high fire stoneware clays and fired to temperatures above 2000F.

  • Non-Toxic, glazes used are 100% food safe and fused to the clay body.

  • Elegant serving for hot or cold dishes, suitable for baking, microwave and dishwasher safe.


  • Avoid Temperature extremes. Do not place over open flame. When baking place in cool oven. Do not put hot pottery into freezer or refrigerator.

  • Variations in size (up to 15%), and color is common and desirable with handmade pottery. These mugs are available small medium and large with or without lizards.

Reptile Rock Boxes

Inspired by desert geological forms and adorned with one or more lizards, these boxes open to reveal a geode like surprise of colorful melted glass mixed with glazes. The interior represents a hidden life sustaining pool of water in the desert. Signed numbered series. Joy has made over 1200. Sizes range from 3" to 10".

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