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The Environmental Potter Series

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Reptile Rock Boxes and Platters

Pottery and Vessels

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Jewelry and Magnets


Joy Holdread / Lane Patterson Collaborations

J E W E L R Y .and . M A G N E T S

Earrings & bolos



Magnets & pins

Pins & magnets

Landscape dangle earrings, pin

Porcelain Landscape Dangle Earrings and Broach

These hand glazed porcelain earrings are wire wrapped with sterling silver or mounted on sterling silver posts and backs. The broaches are mounted with a simple pin and clasp. All are hand glazed with natural desert oxides and high fired. I consider each as a miniature painting.

Post or wired dangle earrings 3/4 in. $19 per pair.
Broaches 1 3/4–2 1/4 in. $14.

Landscape post earrings, pin

Porcelain Landscape Post Earrings and Broach

  • Stoneware lizard post or dangle earrings
    are wired or mounted on sterling silver -
  • Porcelain Landscape post or dangle - $19/pair
  • Pins or magnets lizard or fossil $8-$12.
  • Landscape Pins and Magnets $10-$14
Flat tire mitigation necklace & earrings

Flat Tire Mitigation Series

Reclaimed tire valve stems
Specify red band, black band, no band
Sterling silver ear wires

Bent rusted nail
Copper wire, reclaimed clothes hanger
Specify neck size: Up to 20″, 21–24″, 28″

Joy's Shoebox Full of Gifts

We all need small gifts—birthdays, anniversaries, thank you, thinking of you—several times a year. I make a delightful assortment of small items priced from $4–$65, that fit in a shoe box.  Save yourself the hassle of driving in traffic, shopping in crowds, searching for something unique and waiting in line to pay, each and every time you need a special gift.

Click Here for Order Form

Musical Instrument Ornaments are just one of the items that fit in your
Shoe Box of Gifts. Colors include Terra Cotta (shown), brown, and white. Set of 4 - $25

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Working studio near Grant/Stone, not a showroom or gallery
Please e-mail or phone for appointment and address. allow 24 hours for response.
520-881-8283 Land line, no texting ability.
520-628-8180 Cell, texting ability.